Ballerina Sara Mearns Shows You How To Apply Stage Makeup [Video]

Ballerina Sara Mearns Shows You How To Apply Stage Makeup [Video]

Backstage Beauty at The New York City Ballet

Sara Mearns, Principal of The New York City Ballet

I recently featured New York City Ballet principal dancer Sara Mearns. I shared her video blog that ran for several days where Sara filmed herself in her dressing room before and after rehearsals, and before and after performances. She also documented herself recovering from a couple injuries. Now…

Ballerina Sara Mearns Shows You How To Apply Stage Makeup

Sara’s recently uploaded a video tutorial that I know you’re going to enjoy, where she shows step-by-step how to apply stage makeup like a professional.

Granted, each ballet makeup may differ, but in general, the process is the same with slight variations.

Ballerina Sara Mearns Shows You How To Apply Stage Makeup

In this video, Sara is about to dance Balanchine’s Diamonds, which I personally love! Watch how she applies her foundation or “primer” before putting on her contouring, eye shadow, eyeliner and huge fake eyelashes.

Thanks to for uploading this makeup tutorial to Vimeo!

Tell me what you think of this video and post.

Ballerina Sara Mearns Shows You How To Apply Stage Makeup.

Do you apply your makeup differently? Do you have special makeup tips you do before going on stage?

Share it with us here (below). Let’s get the conversation going. I enjoy sharing my own way of applying my makeup and LOVE hearing from you!


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