Ballerina Snowflakes [Printable Template]

Christmas Day may be over, but the kids are still home for the holidays. How do you keep them busy?

Ballerina Snowflakes - from

Here’s a neat activity I found which is easy and mess-free that will keep your little ones entertained: ballerina snowflakes.

These cut-out ballerina snowflakes are the perfect craft activity for kids and adults alike.  Easy to make snowflake-shaped ballerinas that you can create with your child, grand-child, niece or nephew, or make yourself as a gift or use to decorate your tree or home!

The article below shows step-by-step how to make the ballerina snowflakes and even includes a free printable template. Visit the link below to access the template and quick and easy instructions:

If you need extra  help with ideas on different cut-out snowflakes, here’s a great little book by Cindy Highman: Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts [Paperback]. She also has the Kindle version (downloadable). But you don’t have to own a Kindle. You can read it on your computer. You can even take a sneak-peek inside to see some of her lovely snowflake creations.

Includes 75 full-sized patterns and includes instructions for folding, cutting, and decorating your snowflakes.

I hope you enjoy making these ballerina snowflakes. Pass this great idea along and send us photos of your creations. I’ll make sure to post them here!

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