Featured Dancer: David Wall [Video]

David Wall and Alessandra Ferri in Kenneth Macmillan's Chanson
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David Wall and Alessandra Ferri in Kenneth Macmillan’s Chanson

Last week’s passing of David Wall resulted in an outpouring of condolences from fellow dancers and ballet fans from around the world. To honor David Wall’s dancing career, here’s a video of him dancing with Alessandra Ferri in Chanson, choreographed by Derek Deane, former director of English National Ballet.

Featured Dancer: David Wall

“Yet another exquisite, rarely seen pas de deux…”

You can read entire post by Katherine Barbe at Tours en l’air.

This haunting pas de deux features Royal Ballet principals David Wall and Alexandra Ferri in a piece choreographed by Kenneth Macmillan.

Uploaded by quillerpen to YouTube.

Featured Dancer: David Wall

Featured Dancer: David Wall

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  1. A brilliant red-headed star of the Royal Ballet, Wall’s qualities of polished grace and exceptional dramatic acting ability helped establish the worldwide reputation of English dance for sweeping away the artifice of ballet “acting” and exploring demanding emotional situations in a naturalistic way.

  2. This pas de deux “Chanson” danced by Alessandra Ferri and David Wall was “not” in fact choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan as stated,,,but by me… I choreographed it for a television dance documentary and then it was performed at several galas and at the Royal Opera House……

    • Dear Derek,

      My apologies! I’ve corrected the article, giving you credit for the choreography.

      Thanks for clearing this mistake.

      Kind regards,



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