How to Releve in Ballet [Video]

How to Do a Reveve in Ballet
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A Releve on full pointe. Image: Video excerpt.

Here’s another great video in our series of how to’s from the ballet glossary of the Royal Opera House in London. These videos show basic steps on which classical ballet technique is built on.   It’s a great way to learn ballet terminology and view technique from accomplished ballerinas and dancers. In this video: How to releve in ballet, Romany Pajdak, Royal Ballet First Artist, demonstrates a relevé en pointe.

How to Releve in Ballet

Wikipedia defines the term relevé [pronounced reh-luh-VAY] as…

Literally “lifted”. Rising from any position to balance on one or both feet on at least demi-pointe which is heels off the floor or higher to full pointe where the dancer is actually balancing on the top of the toes, supported in pointe shoes. Smoothly done in some versions, a quick little leap up in other schools.


Relevé: to rise up on the pointe or demi-pointe from flat feet often using a little spring from a demi-plié during which both feet are swiftly drawn up. Relevés may be done in any position.

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I think you’ll agree with me that this how to releve in ballet video is very useful for students as well as teachers as it shows the correct way to do a releve.

You’ll find more videos here, at ClassicalBalletNews that will help you improve your technique and understanding of basic ballet terms and steps.

Here are just a few:

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