Misty Copeland Will Dance The Dying Swan [Video]

Anna Pavlova - The Dying Swan
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Anna Pavlova, ca. 1928, Buenos Aires. Public Domain, author: Frans Van Riel (1879-1950)

I’m excited to pass on this news: Misty Copeland announced on her Facebook page she’ll be dancing The Dying Swan tonight at BAM Fishman Space.

Misty Copeland Will Dance The Dying Swan

The Dying Swan was a role first danced by Anna Pavlova in the early 20th century.

The Dying Swan (originally The Swan) is a ballet choreographed by Mikhail Fokine in 1905 to Camille Saint-Saëns’s cello solo Le Cygne from Le Carnaval des Animaux as a pièce d’occasion for the ballerina Anna Pavlova. The short ballet follows the last moments in the life of a swan, and was first presented in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905. Pavlova performed the dance about 4,000 times. The ballet has since influenced modern interpretations of Odette in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and has inspired non-traditional interpretations and various adaptations.

Article source from Wikipedia.org.

Misty Copeland Will Dance The Dying Swan

Here are two minutes of glorious Pavlova interpreting The Swan, circa 1925, as it was first known.

Video courtesy of Jan Vincent on YouTube.

Please follow the link below for more information on Ms. Copeland’s performance.

April 17–18, 2013

Tonight and Tomorrow Misty will be dancing The Dying Swan, Apr 17—Apr 18, 2013 BAM Fisher Fishman Space. http://www.bam.org/balletnext

Time: 7:30 p.m.

BAM Fishman Space

Marking the second annual collaboration with the Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA, Ballet Next will perform in the newly opened Fishman Space. Visit this page for tickets.

Misty Copeland Will Dance The Dying Swan

Remember to pass it along and get the word out so folks in the New York City area can buy tickets. I will research if it will be live streamed online and will post here.

Thanks, and best wishes to Misty!

Update: Live Stream is up. The Dying Swan begins at minute 24:40. I couldn’t help tearing up towards the end. Her final breathes are impressive… enjoy!

Video source from livestream.com/balletnext

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