Pointe Shoes: Do You Get Blisters or Calluses?

Blisters on ballerina after rehearsal in pointe shoes
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Blisters on ballerina after rehearsal in pointe shoes

One of the “fringe benefits” of dancing on pointe are blisters and calluses, which can later turn into corns, or even worse… you can get all three!

Do You Get Blisters or Calluses?

So what kind of a dancer are you? A callus kind of girl (or guy) or a blister-prone one?

I’m prone (for the past 2 years) to bunions, but not so much to calluses, nor corns. My small toes (pinkies) have formed cushions (calluses) for protection and have not changed much in the past years. (Please, do NOT get pedis. These “natural” cushions have formed there to further protect your toes.) Earlier on though, I did blister frequently.

Like my ballerina friend above (María de Jesús) I would blister frequently. I mostly got mine on my big and small toes.

If this is your case, you need to first figure out the root of the cause. Is your pointe shoe box fitting correctly? Is the box the right width? Or is the box too wide causing you to “fall” into the box?

You also need to check you toe pads. Are they smooth inside? Are they bunching up in anyway, causing the blisters?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. In Mary Chuy’s case (see photo above), she might have to adjust her draw strings, perhaps loosen them a bit. Or she can check the length of her pointe shoe

I suggest you consult your ballet teacher or if you have a certified fitter, ask him or her.

Do You Get Blisters or Calluses?

Now, concerning calluses and corns, I asked Chase Johnsey of Ballets Trockadero what he did for his calluses. Here’s what he said:

I get corns which are a result of callusing too much. They are very painful!

In order to prevent these from happening it is important to dry your feet well after taking a shower. Also a warm bath with salts helps. Trying to peel away some of the callus can help too.

Ultimately it is best to see why the calluses are growing there in the first place. And try to prevent them from happening.

Chase also gave tips on dancing with blisters.

When you get blisters and you still have to dance on pointe the best thing to do is to wrap [your toes] in a plastic bag, like from the grocery store, then tape it. That way the tape doesn’t stick to the actual blister and pull on it.

Here’s the link to Chase’s blog: BallerinaGuru.

I remembered I used to do that when I first started dancing with the company I’m with now (Ballet Clásico de Querétaro Fernando Jhones).

Do You Get Blisters or Calluses?

Video source here.

If you’re just starting out with your pointe shoes just be patient. It takes time to figure out what works best for your feet. Enjoy the learning experience. You’ll get better at knowing your feet and your pointe shoes!

Remember, practice makes perfect… well, almost. 😉

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Here’s the New Skin I mentioned in the video. I’ve seen my ballet company friends use it on their blisters and they swear by it!

See you soon!


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