Miko Fogarty, A Ballerina To Follow

Miko Fagarty YAGP Grand Prix Winner with Giselle 2012
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Miko Fagarty YAGP Grand Prix Winner with Giselle 2012

It’s always exciting to discover talented dancers when they are still young and witness their artistic and technical improvement  as they rise through the ranks of a professional company. I’ve found such gems in competitions like YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix),  Prix de Lausanne and Varna, as well. Such is the case of Miko Fogarty, a ballerina to follow.

Miko Fogarty A Ballerina To Follow

I’ve chosen five videos of Miko at different ages, ranging from 12 to 15 so you can see her incredible progress through the last four years. Enjoy!

Here, at 13, Miko won the Gold Medal for her performance of Kitri from Don Quixote at WBC in Orlando, Florida in 2011.

Miko Fogarty on YouTube. Thanks!

Next, Miko interprets Giselle at the YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) at 14 and wins! This girl is on a roll…

Miko Fogarty’s Channel on YouTube.

Finally, at 15 in Varna, dancing Esmeralda, Miko earns herself the Bronze medal at Varna IBC in 2012!

Miko Fogarty Channel on YouTube.

And before, at 12 in the ballet documentary: First Position. Watch for minute 1:15!

Video from DanceOn Channel on YouTube.com.

Miko Fogarty A Ballerina To Follow appears with

  • Aran Bell
  • Gaya Bommer Yemini
  • Michaela Deprince
  • Jules Jarvis Fogarty
  • Rebecca Houseknecht
  • Joan Sebastian Zamora

Do you share Miko’s dream to become a professional ballerina? Or do you know someone close to you that would like to dance professionally’ Share your thoughts below!

More on Miko and Joan Sebastian Zamora: First Position: A Ballet Documentary

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