Photographer Jesus Chapa-Malacara’s Breakthrough Images [Slide Show]

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“Bewitching, ghostly, entrancing, and heavenly,” describe Jesus Chapa-Malacara’s photography.  – Huffington Post

 “Here’s the thing about being a dancer.  Whereas most people think of dance primarily as the cool tricks and poses, dancers spend a lot more time thinking about the movement in between than the actual poses. So I kept thinking, how can I tell that story? “

“Each photo you see is every little piece of what it takes to start and finish a ‘word’ within the ballet language, all the little details dancers spend years perfecting. So over the long term, I hope to create a visual compendium of the ballet lexicon.” – Jesus Chapa-Malacara

Chapa-Malacara is a Brooklyn and Boston-based multi-media artist, photographer/director and former pro ballet dancer. A student of art , he studied photography under David Hilliard and Todd Papageorge as an undergraduate at Yale, where he earned a BA in Political Science.

“In art, my passion lies in storytelling and exploring ‘the how,’ be it physically, conceptually or politically. I strive for photography that is intentional and thoughtful, that explores technical aspects–light, composition, post-production–as much as it examines the particularities of its subjects. I love what I do and deeply believe in the power of art to inspire and communicate.”

Currently, I’m working on the ground-breaking series Dance Prints, including the visual ballet compendium Esprit de Corps. You can check it out on the kickstarter campaign page.” – JCM

In addition to pursuing commercial photography,  Jesus is working on a photographic novel, a multi-media satirical pop-art website, and a few series of self-portraits that explore physical perception. Jesus’ work has been featured in solo and group shows in New York, Seattle, Concord Mass and New Haven.

Visit his Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the link below. He has 16 days left to raise your support to create more images like the ones above!

These are just a few of Jesus’  breathtaking ballet motion photographs. Clicking on any photo will take you to his Kickstarter campaign page, website, or Facebook page.

I encourage you to support this fine artist!  Hover mouse over photo to savor each photo longer.

* All images used with permission of Jesus Chapa-Malacara.

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