Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Us Behind The Scenes of New York City Ballet Part 3 [Videos]

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Us Behind The Scenes of New York City Ballet Part 3


Romance within the company is inevitable given how much of their lives they spend within the company walls.

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When dancers choose to dedicate their lives to a career in the ballet, they also choose a life full of sacrifice. When you spend thirteen hours a day rehearsing, you can kiss a normal social life goodbye.

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Male Dancers

Male Dancers’: Considering that they jump higher than NBA players and lift women over their head on a regular basis, the male dancer consistently delivers performances that rival any profession athlete. But try explaining to your playground buddies that you’re a ballet dancer. It ain’t easy being a male dancer.

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When a female and male dancer are partnered, the sum is often greater than the parts. It’s a match-up that relies on a connection beyond simple technique, and sometimes a good pairing is hard to find.

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Company life can be difficult, yet as you’ve seen, it can also be very rewarding. NYC Ballet is like family for many of the dancers.
In the next episodes you’ll get to learn how many pointe shoes a NYC Ballet ballerinas goes through in a week.
See you next time!

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