Valentine’s Day at the Ballet [Cinderella Trailer]

Cinderella ballet with the San Francisco Ballet
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Cinderella ballet with the San Francisco Ballet

What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at the ballet!

Christopher Wheeldon’s magical production of Cinderella is back. Critics and fans of all ages have thrilled to this wildly imaginative, funny, and romantic production.

Read more at San Francisco Ballet.

Valentine’s Day at the Ballet

If you happen to be in the San Francisco area don’t miss-out on this one-of-a-kind ballet.

Christopher Wheeldon’s “Cinderella,” performed by San Francisco Ballet, has no fairy godmother or a magic pumpkin.

Full report here.

 Joan Acocella on last October’s (2013) two week run in New York City wrote of the ballet:

…the sets and costumes, by Julian Crouch [are magnificent]: a stage full of chandeliers, a tree that grows and waves and billows, occupying almost the whole upper stage. [The] tree was the work of the great puppeteer Basil Twist.

Twist also designed the carriage that takes Cinderella to the ball. This was just four huge green wheels, drawn by horses, as a wind machine lofted Cinderella’s golden train above her and gathered it into a great, glistening cupola—the most amazing sight of the show.

But Crouch was responsible for many sights. I especially loved the sixteen Louis XVI-style chairs that the local women sat in as they tried to fit into the fatal shoe.

You can read Acoccella’s full review visit  The New Yorker.

So you can expect a spectacular and luscious production with this version of Cinderella!

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Valentine’s Day at the Ballet

For more information on the ballet Cinderella, tickes, etc. please click the links below.

Valentine’s Day at the Ballet

We hope you enjoy this February 14th with your loved one at the ballet nearest you!


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