Wendy Whelan Retires After 30 Years of Dancing [Video]

Wendy Whelan rehearsing Christopher Wheeldon's Polyphonia.
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Wendy Whelan rehearsing Christopher Wheeldon’s Polyphonia.

One of New York City Ballet’s favorite prima ballerinas, Wendy Whelan, will say “farewell” tonight in, what sounds like an amazing program.

Wendy Whelan Retires After 30 Years of Dancing

…on Saturday night, at 47 years old, she’ll give her final New York City Ballet performance before she retires.

Not every dancer can be a ballerina, and not every ballerina gets to dance with the New York City Ballet. So when one makes it, and then stays with the company for three decades, it’s a big deal.

More on NPR: Poetry-in-Motion by Nina Gregory.

Whelan, though she is forty-seven, doesn’t pretend she’s ready to stop dancing. “I have something more interesting to say than I did when I was twenty-five,” she has protested. Maybe she’ll get to say it—she’s putting together duet programs for touring.

Read more at The New Yorker: Restless Creature.

Wendy Whelan Retires After 30 Years of Dancing

To hear her thoughts on what she’ll feel during her final performance, please click here.

Thanks to NYCenter on YouTube channel for this amazing video.

Wendy Whelan Retires After 30 Years of Dancing

It’ll be interesting and exciting at the same time to see where Whelan takes the next stage of her amazing dancing career!

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