Ballet Barre Workout: The Latest Trend

Ballet Barre Workout

You're probably wondering: "What is a ballet barre workout?" Rest assured, you're not alone. A few years back, when visiting my cousin out of town, she invited me to take a local barre workout class. Since it was my downtime from the company (classical ballet) and since I can't stay away from dancing for too long, I gladly agreed. But I had no idea that ballet barre exercises were and still are the latest trend. Just do a quick search on google and you'll find a class in almost every major … [Read more...]

Ballet for Fitness

ballet for fitness classical ballet news

Ballet is the new Jazzercize: Now ballet for fitness is all the rage. And the humble ballet barre is the primary "equipment" needed. With the influence of movies like Black Swan, fitness programs across the nation are making room for ballet-inspired exercise classes. Here you can find out how ballet for fitness got started and why it's popularity has spread like wild fire. These lessons aren’t designed to land you a starring role in “The Nutcracker,” but rather to help you look … [Read more...]

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