Barre Workout: The Basics of Ballet

Barre workout: The Basics of Ballet are taught around the world.

What comes to mind when you think of a ballerina? Graceful, poise, strong, long muscles, tutus, yes, but also painful pointe shoes and bleeding toes, right? Now there are Barre Workout: the basics of ballet based programs that give you proper alignment, femininity and strength sansyears of painful training! How did barre workout: the basics of ballet trainings begin? ...the idea originated in London 50 years ago with famous German dancer Lotte Berk. The method was refined in the United … [Read more...]

Ex-Ballet Dancer Builds Successful Online Business

New York City Ballet ex-ballet dancer, Mary Helen Bowers creates Ballet Beautiful

The strength, discipline and passion that is necessary to become a respected and loved ballerina, also happens to translate well into what is required of a savvy entrepreneur. While it may not be the first thing to pop into your head regarding professional dancers, this ex-ballet dancer builds successful online business from the ground and does it with the fineness that made her a great dancer. Necessity is truly the mother of invention, as you will see from this article in … [Read more...]

Kirsten Dunst Ballet Workout

Kirsten Dunst: Ballet Workout Helps Keep Her In Shape

Kirsten Dunst: Ballet Workout Helps Keep Her In Shape Well, this certainly explains a bit of why she always looks so good...Kirsten Dunst ballet workout with Beautiful Ballet DVDs is her "secret."  And what a great secret!  Did you also know that she has never had to diet to keep her figure looking so trim? Now that's just not fair at all!  Lean muscle is different though, and ballet has been proven to keep you limber and toned when practiced regularly.  Here's part of what Kirsten had to … [Read more...]

Ballet for Health and Longevity

Ballet for health, being a ballet dancer helps for longevity according to Muriel Green

Have you noticed that ballerinas or serious ballet students look younger than their actual age? All that exercise seems to keep them youthful. Muriel, from Kings Langely in the UK, has known the benefits of ballet for health and longevity: she's just turned 107. A former ballet teacher from Kings Langley claims her life as a dancer has helped her reach the grand old age of 107. Demonstrating her flexibility, centenarian Muriel Green was high kicking her legs in the air in celebration … [Read more...]

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