Romy Macias, Classical Ballet  News. Photographer: Hector Hernandez

Here I am, this past June 2011, dancing Majisimo. Not bad for a 51 year old, semi-retired dancer.

Hi, I’m Romy Macias and I’ve loved ballet ever since I can remember. I’m guessing you’re here because you too are passionate about everything that has to do with this wonderful art form.

A little bit about what I do.

I danced with the Ballet Clasico de Queretaro, now BCQ Fernando Jhones, after its founder and my teacher,  for 10 years from 1993-2004 having reached first soloist position. Those years are full of fond memories and I can say they were some of my happiest ones.

I am presently semi-retired; from time to time I take on character roles. I still take my daily class and rehearsal, but I’m pursuing other interests like writing and publishing.

One of my passions is teaching ballet. You could say that I’m transitioning into teaching ballet and learning everything there is to know about being an online entrepreneur and publisher.

I’m so glad you’re here and you’re welcome to look around our site where we’ve done our best to bring you daily classical ballet news from around the world, as well as articles and reviews from the classroom to rehearsal, to the stage. I’m certain you’ll find our articles thought-provoking and our video recommendations breath-taking.

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