Staying en Pointe

Staying en Pointe

Staying en Pointe is what a ballerina strives for. Getting your first pointe shoes is what every little girl dreams of. Pointe shoes are the extension of the female dancer, transforming them into ethereal beings, into wilis and sylphides. They are the right of passage of every aspiring ballerina. Lianne Turner of CNN asks Tamara Rojo to share her knowledge of the most important tool a dancer uses in her performances. Staying en Pointe They are the most important element of a ballerina's … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dances for 2011 by Luke Jennings

Top 10 Dances for 2011 Luke Jennings from The Observer, UK

Luke Jennings, journalist and dance critic for The Observer of the UK has picked his Top 10 Dances for 2011. Some of them are classical ballet works, though not all of them. To state that 2011 has been a difficult year for the arts is putting it lightly. With many professional ballet and contemporary dance companies feeling the world recession crunch, they have been forced to be creative with their choice of programs to entice audiences to attend their performances. Besides the usual … [Read more...]

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