Truth Surfaces: Why Sergei Polunin Quit

Sergei Polunin: Truth surfaces as to why he resigned from the Royal Ballet

In my post: Why did Sergei Polunin quit? I, like many ballet lovers had this unanswered question. Now the truth begins to surface. Polunin, whose passionate and technically brilliant performances have drawn comparisons with Rudolf Nureyev arrived in Britain as a promising 13 year-old. But in recent months friends and colleagues have spoken of their concern that he has struggled to cope with the pressure of performing at such a level. The dancer is understood to have told the Royal Ballet … [Read more...]

Why Did Sergei Polunin Quit?

Why did Sergei Polunin quit the Royal Ballet?

Sergei Polunin did the proverbial "splits" when he unexpectedly exited the Royal Ballet last month. Why did Sergei Polunin quit? This is not the first time a ballet dancer with a promising future leaves a ballet company. Recently Ivan Vasilev and Natalia Osipova left the Bolshoi Ballet for for St Petersburg's Mikhailovsky theatre. Back in January 27 we reported Sergei's abrupt departure from the Royal Ballet. But Sergei did not go to another company. So he's left us wondering: … [Read more...]

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