Valentina Semyukova: Young Ballet Dancer Ahead of Her Time


Valentina Semyukova, (also written Simukova) was a gifted student from the Vaganova Academy in Leningrad. She was ahead of her time technically and artistically. In Luke Jennings' article for The Guardian ( he describes in detail her mastery of technique. She was to be a star, but became instead a lost jewel. In 1966, Valentina Simukova was a precociously gifted young ballet student on the path to international fame. This clip is the only recording of her – tragically she died … [Read more...]

Life of a Ballet Dancer

The Life of a Ballet Dancer

When you are passionate about something, you start to think about it as more than a hobby...more than something to do once in awhile. In an incredible article from the site, The Telegraph, a UK blog, we get a glimpse into the life of a ballet dancer.  The author interviewed several professional dancers to see what their lives were like. Read what one such lucky dancer had to say - Life of a Ballet Dancer Ballet isn’t really a job, though: it’s a vocation. An addiction! You have to give … [Read more...]

Ballet for Health and Longevity

Ballet for health, being a ballet dancer helps for longevity according to Muriel Green

Have you noticed that ballerinas or serious ballet students look younger than their actual age? All that exercise seems to keep them youthful. Muriel, from Kings Langely in the UK, has known the benefits of ballet for health and longevity: she's just turned 107. A former ballet teacher from Kings Langley claims her life as a dancer has helped her reach the grand old age of 107. Demonstrating her flexibility, centenarian Muriel Green was high kicking her legs in the air in celebration … [Read more...]

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