Parts of a Pointe Shoe

Parts of a Pointe Shoe Construction

When choosing what pointe shoes are best for you, there are some factors you need to become familiar with and consider. There are two main Parts of a Pointe Shoe: box and shank. Four other parts to consider when trying on ballet toe shoes are the vamp, platform, sole and the heel. Still other components are the wings, which are the sides of the shoe at the level of the box, the quarter, which are the sides but run behind the wings, the throat (see right image) and the binding, where the … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Classical Ballet Technique

The Evolution of Classical Ballet - The First Pointe Shoes

The Royal Opera House and the Royal Academy of Arts presented ballet Mistress Ursula Hageli's analysis of the evolution of classical ballet technique through the paintings of Degas dancers.  An excited Ms. Hageli shared her findings with the help of Royal Ballet dancers Leanne Cope and Lauren Cuthbertson; Leanne representing the Degas-style dancer and Lauren the modern day ballerina. Marie Taglioni was the first ballerina to go on her toes. Toe shoes were still very soft, no block, only … [Read more...]

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