How to Spot in Ballet [Video]

One of the most fascinating “feats” of ballet dancers is their ability to turn, in other words, to execute pirouttes.

To be able to turn with such speed and without getting dizzy requires mastering the art of spotting. Here are two amazing videos: the first shows step-by-step how to spot in ballet and the second is the result of years of training to spot and ballet technique; the result: 32 fouettesfrom the Black Swan variation from Swan Lake!

How to Turn or Spot in Ballet: Pirouettes and Fouettes

Learn how to spot. Image: YouTube excerpt.

If you’re a ballet student, teach ballet or are simply mystified by ballet dancers’ spotting and turning, you’re going to enjoy the next video.

Spotting For Pirouettes Correctly

Spotting is the technique used by ballet dancers to avoid dizziness while doing multiple turns. In ballet classes, and in theaters, dancers will find a “spot” that they can see, and upon which they will focus throughout, for example, the 32 fouettes performed in Swan Lake by the ballerina, or a series of turns a la seconde by the male dancer.

Full article found at Ballet and Pointe Shoes.

Akane Takada demonstrates the technique of spotting, a crucial skill for being able to execute swift turns on stage.

Spotting [is used] in turns to maintain balance and direction. The dancer focuses the eyes on a set spot and keeps eye contact with it while turning the body. At the last moment, the dancer whips the head around and reconnects eye contact with the spot. This prevents the dancer becoming dizzy and gives them the appearance of turning very rapidly.

How to Spot in Ballet

Uploaded by the Royal Opera House to YouTube. Thanks!

Now watch spotting in full action in this excerpt from Swan Lake.

Gullian Murphy performs 32 fouettes. Fouettes are a form of pirouettes which are propelled by one leg. In this video Ms. Murphy uses her right leg to do her fouettes.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

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  1. Stunning! If I could ever be that graceful…

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pirouettes and fouettes with us!

  2. Excellent! I love it! Thank you for teaching me something new!

  3. We were at the stars on ice over the weekend and they essentially do ballet on ice. We were talking about their ability to spin like that without falling and how they would have to be really good at being able to spot. Beautiful to watch. They make it looks so easy.

  4. Amanda says:

    Goodness, such control it’s amazing to watch, thanks Romy

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