Pacific Northwest Ballet Mourns the Loss of Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak has Died

Beloved children's author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak has died. He is mostly remembered for his book: Where The Wild Things Are, which  was later made into a movie. In the world of ballet he was known for being the creative force behind the scenery and costumes of PNB's The Nutcracker. Today the Pacific Northwest Ballet mourns the loss of Maurice Sendak. The man who brought children delight with his book “Where the Wild Things Are” and one of the designing forces behind Pacific … [Read more...]

Pas de Deux: The Dancers’ Perspective [Video]

Pas de Deux: The Dancers' Perspective

  Wouldn't it be neat to be able to "feel" what it's like to dance a pas de deux? Unless you're a professional ballet dancer, you may not get to experience that. Well, now you can, through this amazing video! What is the Dancers' Perspective? Principal Dancers Megan Fairchild and Andrew Veyette give us a view of the wedding pas de deux from "The Sleeping Beauty" from the dancers' perspective. Through cameras placed in strategic places on each dancer we're able to "feel" what the … [Read more...]

Ballet Company Heirarchy

Ballet Clasico de Queretaro Fernando Jhones

Classical ballet companies have a ranking system. Most dancers enter a company from the bottom rung of the ladder, so to speak: the corps de ballet (which consists of "the body" of the ballet company). How does a ballet company hierarchy work? Ballet Company Heirarchy Today, ballet companies continue to rank their dancers in hierarchical fashion, although most have adopted a sex neutral classification system, and very few recognise a single leading dancer. In most large companies, there … [Read more...]

Truth Surfaces: Why Sergei Polunin Quit

Sergei Polunin: Truth surfaces as to why he resigned from the Royal Ballet

In my post: Why did Sergei Polunin quit? I, like many ballet lovers had this unanswered question. Now the truth begins to surface. Polunin, whose passionate and technically brilliant performances have drawn comparisons with Rudolf Nureyev arrived in Britain as a promising 13 year-old. But in recent months friends and colleagues have spoken of their concern that he has struggled to cope with the pressure of performing at such a level. The dancer is understood to have told the Royal Ballet … [Read more...]

Interview: Sir Frederick Ashton

Sir Frederick Ashton as on of the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella

Anna Pavlova and Frederick Aston crossed paths during her South American tour. He had gone to see the great ballerina perform and his life was changed forever! Frederick Aston Ashton was born at Guayaquil in Ecuador, [on September 1904]  in the artistic neighbourhood called Las Peñas, the original founding site of the city. When he was three years old he moved with his family to Lima in Peru. When he was 13 he witnessed a life-changing event when he attended a performance by the … [Read more...]

Interview: ABT Soloist Misty Copeland

ABT soloist Misty Copeland

Emily Bennington, Contributor at Forbes interviewed ABT soloist Misty Copeland on what it takes to be a successful ballerina. If there’s a common thread that runs through both leadership and ballet, it’s that it takes a lot of work to make it look easy. No one knows this better than superstar ballerina Misty Copeland. When Copeland was promoted to soloist for the American Ballet Theatre in New York City, the first African-American to achieve that honor in over two decades, it was a goal … [Read more...]

Tulsa Ballet Premiers Romeo and Juliet

Tulsa Ballet Premieres Romeo and Juliet by choreographer Edwaard Liang

This weekend, before Valentine's Day from February 10 - 12, the Tulsa Ballet premiers Romeo and Juliet, their first full-length ballet by choreographer Edwaard Liang. What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! February 2012 will mark a first for Tulsa Ballet: the commissioning of a brand new, full-length story ballet. This famous tragedy, set to music and dance, will be created for Tulsa Ballet by one of America's rising stars: choreographer Edwaard Liang. Look for engaging duets, … [Read more...]

Sergei Polunin Abruptly Leaves Royal Ballet

The life of a professional ballet dancer is very demanding. Why did Sergei Polunin abruptly leave Royal Ballet?

Yesterday, we got the unexpected news: "Sergei Polunin Abruptly Leaves Royal Ballet." London balletomanes were in shock as were ballet lovers around the world. What could have pushed Royal Ballet's youngest ever principal dancer and most promising member to walk out a week before performances? Sergei Polunin Abruptly Leaves Royal Ballet Polunin’s unprecedentedly abrupt departure was front-page news, but the 22-year-old star has long been food for headlines. His teenage debut as the … [Read more...]

Second American Dancer to Join a Russian Ballet Company

Keenan Kampa joins The Mariinsky Ballet - Second American Dancer to Join Russian Ballet. Image: Video excerpt.

Keenan Kampa has become the second American dancer to join a Russian ballet company. Who is the second American dancer to join a Russian ballet company? Keenan Kampa, a member of the Boston Ballet and a rare American to attend the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, is joining the Mariinsky Ballet.The Mariinsky said Ms. Kampa, 22, was becoming the first American in its ranks. She starts June 2012. The announcement follows the news last year that David Hallberg was joining … [Read more...]

The Russian State Ballet of Siberia: Giselle

the russian state ballet of siberia uk tour 2011 2012

David Bellan of the Oxford Times attended this past Monday the opening night of Giselle by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia. Here's a preview of his impressions. The Russian State Ballet of Siberia: Giselle Giselle is the ballet that reveals how much dramatic power it can put on the stage. The Siberians came up with a moving, and also technically excellent performance. The role of Giselle is considered the greatest dramatic test for a ballerina, who has to develop from enchanted … [Read more...]

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