Ballet for Health and Longevity

Have you noticed that ballerinas or serious ballet students look younger than their actual age? All that exercise seems to keep them youthful.

Muriel, from Kings Langely in the UK, has known the benefits of ballet for health and longevity: she’s just turned 107.

A former ballet teacher from Kings Langley claims her life as a dancer has helped her reach the grand old age of 107.

Ballet for health, being a ballet dancer helps for longevity according to Muriel Green

Muriel Green turns 107. She attributes her dancing ballet to her health and longevity. Photo courtesy of

Demonstrating her flexibility, centenarian Muriel Green was high kicking her legs in the air in celebration on Wednesday afternoon at her residence, Ardent Nursing Home, Kings Langley.

Mrs Green turned 107 on November 26 and celebrated the landmark birthday with friends and staff at the care home.

She said: “I’ve lived here for three years, following a fall I had at my home in Lauderdale Road.

Could dancing ballet be the secret to a long life?

Mrs Green, who has worked as a ballet and Sunday school teacher, said: “Up until the age of 105 I would do my ballet stretches every day, but I’m not so steady now, so I don’t do them so often.

“I can still kick my legs high into the air and I’m rarely unwell – I believe that is because of my training as a dancer.

“I also like to have a little dance with residents at Christmas, with the help of the staff.”

According to home manager Theresa Tayag, Mrs Green received a birthday card from the Queen, which is now being proudly displayed on the window ledge of Mrs Green’s room.

Ms Tayag said: “Mrs Green is the oldest resident we have had at Ardent Nursing Home.

“She’s remarkable, a wonderful lady.”

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As a former ballerina myself, I see the benefits of ballet in my life.  Ballet has enriched my life in many ways.

  • It’s helped in my coordination: learning combinations to barre and center exercises keeps the mind sharp.
  • Ballet has given me the opportunity to connect with the beauty of classical music and story telling.

Finally, ballet isn’t just a beautiful art form, it is a proven health and longevity booster as Muriel has shown.

If you agree, or not, or simply would like to share your personal experience with ballet, click on the link below and let us know what you think.

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