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Would you like to go behind the curtains and get a sneak at classical ballet costumes?  Tutus, headpieces and pointe shoes galore from the Australian Ballet tutu department, as Catherine Stone describes below. Vicki Car, head of millinery shows her around. Come along for the tour!

Classical Ballet Costumes Catherine Stone visits The Australian Ballet

Classical Ballet Costumes Catherine Stone visits The Australian Ballet. Image: Vimeo

In her interview, Catherine Stone asks Viki Car questions most of us would really like to know about what goes on in the classical ballet costume department.

CS: Tell us a little bit about (being a millener) it.

VC: We make all the hats, headdresses and tiaras for all of the dancers at The Australian Ballet. We can make 80 hats, we can make 60 headdresses plus, maybe three or 400 pieces of jewelry.

CS: Why do you think ballet has had such an impact on high fashion?

VC: I think it’s probably got to do with the fact that it’s such a rarefied atmosphere and dancers are so gorgeous. The way they look… most people never look like that.

Catherine Stone also interviews Olivia Bell, principal artist for The Australian Ballet.

Olivia shows Catherine different tutus: classical tutus which are short, like the one Natalie Portman wore in the film Black Swan and romantic tutus, which are long and cover a dancer’s knees, made of a softer tulle.

CS: My thing about ballet that I can’t get past is the shoes that you guys have to wear. Surely they’re incredibly uncomfortable.

OB: They’re not the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own, but they are custom made. They are totally made to my feet and each individual dancer at The Australian Ballet has their own pair of shoes that are custom made. So by the time you tailor your shoe to your needs, they are relatively comfortable.

You’ll find the video on classical ballet costumes interesting. Ms. Stone even gets to try on her size pointe shoes!

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Hats, beautiful fabrics, ribbons, thread, beads, lace, appliques and so much more to see in a workshop where classical ballet costumes are designed and sewn like the one at The Australian Ballet.

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  1. What a wonderful world the costume making is! This article is exactly what I wanted. I am really fascinated and I would love to be involved in this world as a costume maker! Thanks.

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