Eating Disorders in Ballet

Eating Disorders in Ballet

Yesterday I shared Tamara Rojo's pledge to improve body image in ballerinas at the English National Ballet by promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Here's yet another video on the fight to stop eating disorders in ballet. Charlotte Leeming reports for BBC News on the subject of eating disorders in ballet. Eating disorders have been a continuous subject in the world of ballet for many years. But how easy will it be to change the mindset of some dancers? Please read and view … [Read more...]

Tamara Rojo Wants To Stamp Out Anorexia in Ballet

Tamara Rojo Wants to Stomp Out Anorexia in Ballet

Principal ballerina, Tamara Rojo, now head of the English National Ballet has definite ideas about what she wants the dance troupe to adopt under her direction as far as body weight and image, and for good reason. After years of observing fellow ballerinas adopt unhealthy eating habits, Tamara Rojo wants to stamp out anorexia in ballet. Rojo was born in Montreal, Canada, to Spanish parents who moved back to Spain when she was four months old. She started dancing at the age of 10 in … [Read more...]

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