Tamara Rojo Wants To Stamp Out Anorexia in Ballet

Tamara Rojo Wants to Stomp Out Anorexia in Ballet

Principal ballerina, Tamara Rojo, now head of the English National Ballet has definite ideas about what she wants the dance troupe to adopt under her direction as far as body weight and image, and for good reason. After years of observing fellow ballerinas adopt unhealthy eating habits, Tamara Rojo wants to stamp out anorexia in ballet. Rojo was born in Montreal, Canada, to Spanish parents who moved back to Spain when she was four months old. She started dancing at the age of 10 in … [Read more...]

Featured Ballerina: Alessandra Ferri [Video]

Alessandra Ferri's feet on Sting music video.

Alessandra Ferri is one of my favorite ballerinas. Not only because she has the most incredibly beautiful ballet feet, but because of her powerful stage presence and dramatic interpretation, as you'll witness in the music video below where she appears with Sting: as he plays, she dances with absolute technical control and spiritual abandon. How did Alessandra Ferri get started? Alessandra Ferri was born in Milan, Italy in 1963. She studied at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, until the age of 15, … [Read more...]

Natalie Portman’s Black Swan: “Unrealistic”

Black Swan courtesy of wikipedia.org

Natalie Portman's Black Swan - Unrealistic Royal Ballet principal dancer, Sarah Lamb says, regarding Natalie Portman's Black Swan - "Unrealistic".  She also shares her experience with ballet injuries, competition and her thoughts on the future of her career as a ballerina. Lamb is a truly beautiful dancer and you can see with each movement that she makes how much time, work and dedication went into perfecting her craft. As with any artist, she is fully devoted and passionate about what … [Read more...]

Ballet Retirement

Ballet Retirement

Ballet Retirement: What does a ballet dancer do when it's time to retire? Retiring from ballet for a dancer can and often is a scary proposition, due to age or injury, it's a good idea to stay a step ahead. Melanie Kuxdorf, of TheTyee.ca explains how to face ballet retirement in the following article: After Life as Dancer, Help Learning New Steps The body can only take so much. Fortunately there's the Dancer Transition Resource Centre. A box of tissues sits prominently on the coffee … [Read more...]

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