Happy Father’s Day and Ballet

Today we celebrate all Dads, “ballet Dads” and non-ballet Dads alike: Our best wishes to you from Classical Ballet News!Celebrating all Dads. Amar Dhaliwal, ballet dancer celebrates today!

Still, there are many ballet dancers who are Dads, like Amar Dhaliwal, second soloist with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, to you Happy Father’s Day and ballet!

Happy Father’s Day and Ballet

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet interviewed Amar’s wife, Emily, about what it’s like for her husband being a ballet dancer and a Dad.

In honour of Father’s Day this weekend, we asked Emily Grizzell, RWB Soloist to say a few words on how her husband Amar Dhaliwal, RWB Second Soloist is a great father to their young daughter Lucie.

Living in Winnipeg, away from our families, we are pretty isolated.  I am so grateful for how well Amar, Lucie and I function as a little family unit.

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Video courtesy of YouTube.

If you’re a Dad to a ballet dancer, are a ballet dancer and a Dad, or know a ballet Dad, please share our best wishes with the world and enjoy a happy Father’s Day and ballet!

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