Prix de Lausanne 2012: And the Winners Are…

Prix de Lausanne 2012 and the winner is...

Winners of the Prix de Lausanne 2012. Image: Video excerpt from YouTube, Prix de Lausanne Channel

The results are in for the Prix de Lausanne 2012 international ballet contest. This year happens to be a very special one, as the Prix turns 40.

Below is the full version of the finals. It’s over 1 hour and a half long. But if you prefer to see the shorter version, click here.

The full version is well worth the time to meet the 21 contestants that made it to the finals. The winners are announced in both versions, the long and short each. Enjoy…

Prix de Lausanne 2012…and the winners are…

Video: Courtesy of the Prix de Lausanne YouTube Channel.

It’s always a pleasure to see upcoming aspiring ballet dancers perform on stage and at their best and the Prix de Lausanne 2012 is no exception. I watched the entire video and it was exciting, especially at the end… very emotional to see the young winners. Congratulations!

If you’re a student of ballet, did this post inspire you to continue with your dreams to become a professional dancer? If you’re a parent or teacher, this can inspire you to encourage your daughter/son/students to reach their goals.

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