Stephen Colbert Attempts to Dance The Nutcracker

Stephen Colbert attempts to perform The Nutcracker in Tights

Stephen Colbert attempts to perform The Nutcracker in Tights. Image : Video excerpt.

American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancer, David Hallberg and soloist Hee Seo perform a short excerpt of the popular Christmas ballet as Stephen Colbert attempts to dance The Nutcracker as Tchaikovsky’s score plays in the background.

Earlier this month David Hallberg dropped-in on the host of the Colbert Report to explain his new career move: a reverse defection to the Bolshoi Ballet.

In the second part of the interview Stephen Colbert attempts to dance The Nutcracker with limited success.

Watch the video below and see Stephen fly across the stage in tights. Yes, you read correctly: black tights!

David Hallberg of The Bolshoi Ballet and The American Ballet together with soloist Hee… perform an excerpt of Tchikovsky`s The Nutcracker with Stephen Colbert in tights on The Colbert Report!

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I have mixed feelings about Stephen’s performance. He did almost crash into both dancers. But being the professionals they are, they made it look as if nothing catastrophic had happened. However, I admire Mr. Colbert’s courage to come out in tights in front of the cameras.

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