Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Technique: Personal Review

Zena Rommett's Floor Barre® being taught by the Founder.

Zena Rommett's Floor Barre® taught by the founder. Image: Excerpt from Video.

Dancers, from classical ballet to modern, Broadway actors and singers, even athletes swear by Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Technique.

Among her students, Zena has taught Judith Jamison, Tommy Tune, Patrick Swayze, Lar Lubovitch (and company), principal dancers with ABT, NYC Ballet, Joffrey, Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and many more. Former dancers, who are teachers now, include: Robert Atwood, Douglas Bolivar, Dawn Hillen and Mark Rubin.

Since 1968, Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Technique has helped injured dancers recover quickly and extend their careers. The program has also aided “regular” folks who suffer from back pain, significantly reduce or eliminate completely their symptoms, so even the non-dancer will benefit from her program, also known as The Art of Floor-Ballet.

“By utilizing the floor, and without the stress of gravity associated with ‘standing’ at the ballet barre, dancers learn to align their bodies, lengthen their muscles, strengthen their joints, and fine-tune their movements.

Floor-Barre® makes it possible for dancers to execute classical ballet movements with principles of alignment which are anatomically correct, and by using only the appropriate muscles…

Over the past 50 years, Zena Rommett has earned the respect of the medical profession as a pioneer in injury prevention and rehabilitation.”

You can learn more by visiting DanceNerds.com.

Video from YouTube.

Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Technique

Over 10 years ago I hurt my back during company class, but was not aware how severe the injury was until the following morning when I could not get out of bed! I was taken to our company’s physical therapist immediately and with rehabilitation I was back dancing in 2 weeks.

Since then,  I continue to strengthen my core muscles on a daily basis. I have incorporated several of Rommett’s exercises to my routine and have noticed a great difference. Especially at the end of class, I feel much stronger in my lower back, but most importantly: I don’t wake up with back pain anymore!

Rommett has developed 8 series into 8 dvd’s for different needs: for professional dancers and athletes, for basic alignment, for those who are getting over an injury and are working on regaining their strength, for the young aspiring dancer, even for the active elderly.

Learn more about Rommett’s technique by clicking this link: Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® or clicking the image below. Please help someone you know relieve their back pain by sharing this article.  Most everyone could use help with their back strength.

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Romy danced with the Ballet Clasico de Queretaro Fernando Jhones for 10 years having reached 1st soloist position. She presently takes on character roles and teaches at the company's junior academy. This site is a testament to her passion for classical ballet. You're invited to be part of our community and join in the joy for this amazing art form.


  1. Jim Arthur says:

    Yeah! I love it! Wonderful!

    • Romy Macias, Senior Editor says:

      I’m glad you do, Jim. The music and the method are so calming. It not only centers your body literally, but your spirit too.
      Last week I spoke to Camille, Zena’s daughter, who is now in charge of the Foundation. Sadly, Zena passed away a couple of years ago, but Camille is working to continue her mother’s incredible legacy.
      She might even come to Mexico to train dancers like myself in her floor-barre® technique!
      I’ll keep you posted,

  2. gluten-free says:

    I have never heard about this. What a great idea! I work a lot with seniors and this looks like it could be really beneficial.

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