How to Releve in Ballet [Video]

How to Do a Reveve in Ballet

Here's another great video in our series of how to's from the ballet glossary of the Royal Opera House in London. These videos show basic steps on which classical ballet technique is built on.   It's a great way to learn ballet terminology and view technique from accomplished ballerinas and dancers. In this video: How to releve in ballet, Romany Pajdak, Royal Ballet First Artist, demonstrates a relevé en pointe. How to Releve in Ballet Wikipedia defines the term relevé [pronounced … [Read more...]

Ballet Arm Positions

Five Ballet Arm Positions

A couple of days ago I wrote about the five ballet feet positions. Now here are the ballet arm positions demonstrated by Romany Pajdak, First Artist of the Royal Opera House. Ballet Arm Positions Ballet uses strictly defined positions through which most arm movements travel. There are five basic positions: first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Thanks to the Royal Opera House for uploading this video to YouTube. This video of ballet arm positions is a wonderful visual aide for … [Read more...]

Best Videos to Learn Ballet Terms

The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet - Best Videos to Learn Ballet Terms

Are you looking for the best videos to learn ballet terms? Ballet is a visual art, so the only truly effective way to learning ballet terms and terminology is through videos. The best videos to learn ballet terms are here: The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet The essential video dictionary of all classical ballet movements performed by some of the greatest names in American Ballet. Teachers and students alike find the Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet the most innovative … [Read more...]

Definition of Ballet

"Ballet Comique de la Royne Louise, 1581."

What are the origins of the word ballet? Is it French or Italian? The definition of ballet comes from the Italian.  (Most answer French at first and that's because ballet terminology is in French, most of us quickly assume the word ballet also comes from the French language!) Actually the word ballet comes from balletto, meaning small dance in Italian. Dr. Giannandrea Poesio, historian and dance critic, who writes for the Royal Opera House, explains: Definition of Ballet Ballet: … [Read more...]

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